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Please read through all our Terms & Condition


We create websites only for legitimate purposes, should we discover otherwise, such website(s)  will be taken down without prior notice.


Your website shall be developed by us ONLY with the content you have provided us with. Customers without content will have to pay our content developing team for their service.

Clients website design job starts only after full content has been sent to us.

Clients who are interested in eCommerce websites should be aware that their products should not have too many variations so that individual products would be easily set up without having to do additional  customization on the eCommerce software being used to set up the website or the server. Please call us should you need a more detailed explanation. 


Each image for client’s website shouldnt be more than 2mb each so that the website pages loading speed won’t be reduced


After we are done designing a client’s website, the client will have just 48 hours (2 days) to get back to us on “ALL” the corrections they want us to make on the newly designed website, failure to get back to us at the end of the 48 hours means that the job will be marked “COMPLETED”.

Please note that adjustments to be done within the 48hours stated above doesnt include the addition of new things to the website.  Hence the reason why we receive all website design content before our website design job starts 


Clients who were given the opportunity to pay a percentage before we start designing their website “MUST” pay up their balance a day AFTER their website correction is done ( i.e the next day after the 48hours grace for website adjustments elapse). Failure to pay up after this day will lead to the website being blocked and there would be a DAILY DEMURAGE  for the days with which the full payment is delayed.


On completion of our web designing job, the admin rights to edit the website will be handed over to the client


We do not give cpanel details to clients because they hardly have need for it. On request, cpanel details can be handed over to the client


Online Academy receives website content from customers only via email


Our starter web design plan allows for a one-time feedback from customer after job is completed.


Our Platinum plans allows a single feedback/editing request per month for the FREE duration that comes with the packages.


. For efficiency purposes, each feedback/editing request (after the free editing grace has ended)shall take between 3-5 working days delivery period


If a job is completed and closed and you require further updates and iteration, a fee will be charged


Online Academy makes no refunds for already completed jobs. And also, no refund is made for money paid in to our bank account because right from when the payment is made, even before the client sends website design content, part of the money would have been used to purchase website design materials like Themes, etc.


At the bottom of any website we build, our name “Online Academy” shall be displayed there as the website designer


Customers will start being notified of the need to pay their website renewal fee around 2 months before expiration date. Renewal is paid once every year.


A short time after website expiry, the hosting company will delete the website files. Deleting the website files mean that the website wont be active any more. To prevent this from happening, renewing your website should be done within 5 days after website expiry. We would not be held responsible for deletion of website files after expiry.


Please note that emails attached to websites e.g info@yourwebsite.com are mostly known to send messages to the spam folders of notable providers like Gmail, Yahoo etc. But sometimes they deliver to Inbox. If emails are very important to you, you may have to reply the emails received in your webmail through gmail or yahoo account for inbox delivery.

Sending from your webmail to another webmail delivers to Inbox most of the time


Once in a while, the foreign hosting company we use could have a quick upgrade or update to do on their servers, this could result into unavailability of websites for few minutes. Do note that these updates/upgrades are important if quality services are to be maintained by the hosting company.


Please note that hosting companies cannot 100% determine or restrict the activities of clients using their servers to host websites. Some of the activities of the clients can sometimes lead to the blacklisting of the IP with which that clients website is on, as a result of this, all the websites on that server may have issues e.g being blacklisted for phishing e.tc. When issues like this happens (it rarely happens), our client would be adviced to make purchase of a dedicated IP to their website, this means their website blacklist would be solved. The IP would be assigned by us after payment is made by the client.
Issues that could lead to server IP being blacklisted could be: sending of spam messages by someone on that server, engaging in illegitimate acts and so on.

Should you have any question to ask about our T & C ?

we are always available to listen to you!!